Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Filter Coffeehouse: Dupont

D.C. is an unusual city. There are no pretzel carts and hotdog stands like in NYC, no cheese steaks like in Philly, no cannolis like in Boston, or street cars like in San Francisco. What makes D.C. uniquely D.C. is that it’s always changing. I used to be upset about there being no accent that made us different, no North End or Little Italy, and even no artists' district. But now it is kind of what excites me about this city. Everything we do and every mark we make makes D.C. our own. That’s what Filter Coffeehouse has done.
Outside of the coffeehouse.
Filter has made a name for itself just north of Dupont Circle on 1726 20th Street. Small and quaint, you wouldn't think it an unusual coffee shop in any way, and then I saw this:
Inside the coffeehouse!
Okay, time to use my PEMDAS (order of operations)! But what the heck does that mean? Why is there a bike? I sure hope it doesn't mean that they put bicycle tires in my coffee. I decided to let the thought simmer in my mind while I went to the counter and ordered a cortado.
Filter coffee counter.
There was nobody in front of me in line, which is a bummer because I like to hear what others order so I know what the cafe is best at preparing. Well, I should have waited a few minutes because the guy behind me ordered a latte made with whole milk and, while my cortado was good, his latte looked AMAZING. I have tried cortados at three different District coffeehouses now: Big Bear Cafe, Chinatown Coffee Company, and now Filter, and I think I would rate them in that order too.
My cortado.
For more about cortados, read my post about Big Bear Cafe! (Linked above.)
Filter’s cortado was a bit different from the others. Sort of plain and perfectly sweet, the flavor was smooth, but a little bit too bland and silky for me to call it my perfect cup of coffee.
Me! Sipping away.
I sat down with my drink and sipped away, still wishing I got that latte the guy behind me had ordered (it looked so good!). Just a reason to go back.
Sitting at the counter I kept looking into the case of baked goods. The baristas at the shop must have known I was coming because there it was in all its glory, one of my favorites: banana bread. I bought a slice, though it wasn't just banana bread, it had chocolate chips and nuts and was so moist that I thought it could be made into a drink itself. I would absolutely recommend grabbing a slice to sit and enjoy with your coffee.
Is it Lance Armstrong?
Soon a man passed and went behind the counter. He was dressed in his biking gear and even had a bicycler's shirt brandishing the Filter Coffeehouse logo! Better yet, they even had a specially made bike rack outside in the shape of a coffee pot and mug! Forgot to snap a photo of it though, so you should ride on down and check it out for yourself!
Pick what you want. Anything you want.
I don’t know what the connection is between bicycling and coffee, but I love that one passion was applied to the other. This is certainly a place I will be riding to again shortly.

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  1. I really liked this place. As with most places in D.C., it would be nice if it had more seating, but people seemed to scatter outside on nearby stoops with their drinks. I found an open wifi network at the place but I'm not certain if it belonged to them or another nearby shop. Other than the loudness of the coffee grinder, it was very conducive to both a work and conversational environment.

    Oh right, the drinks! I had a cappuccino and was quite happy with the robustness of the espresso as well as the quality of the foam. My friend had a chai tea latte; she is partial to spicier chais, and this did not meet her spicy criterion. I plan to return.


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