Monday, August 22, 2011

Ridiculous Mugs

There is one thing that has been aggravating me lately and it's this ridiculous mustache fad.
I am into funny things, and things a little bit out of the ordinary, but when I walked into Whole Foods the other day and saw a kid with a mustache on his arm, I almost had a fit right there in the store. I. DON'T. GET. IT. And if you do, please explain it to me, (preferably over a cup of coffee, as always).

I have seen mustaches for your car. Mustaches for your dog. Mustaches for your bike. I have seen mustaches on men and women alike (I can't ignore a good rhyme).

The only mustache inspired object I have seen that makes sense to me is the mustache mug:
And that's because it makes sense! It is actually funny. You go to take a sip of your coffee and... tee-hee! Look! You have a mustache! 

This (below), on the other hand, doesn't make any sense, and more than that, is really, really lame:
Nobody cares if your car has facial hair.

That isn't to say that everything has its place and its place is where it should stay. I am not trying to be Vernon Dursley... nerd moment. But it must be done tastefully, artfully, and have some sort of meaning and significance. A hot pink mustache on your car is just pretentious. 

If you know me at all you know I have a soft spot in my heart for dadaist art. During World War I in Zurich, Switzerland a little man named Hugo Ball (my idol) started an artistic revolution. He stood up on stage at this little cafe and read a poem. The poem was entirely nonsensical, full of made-up words, and he wore an outfit that perfectly complemented this. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Hugo Ball:
Along with a photo of the original poem:
He later created the Dadaist Manifesto which would give dadaism a place in history for all of time.

What is dada exactly? Let me give you a brief rundown. Dada is supposed to mock the meaninglessness of the modern world, war, and human falsities. It undermines and diminishes bourgeois society for its arbitrary normalities.

Inspired by this theory, I wanted to show you some coffee mugs that are cleverly designed. Not quite dada, but it wouldn't stretch to say dada-esque, at least more-so then those ridiculous mustaches popping up everywhere. 

Starbucks should upgrade to these.

It's a D.C. thing.

Probably a little inappropriate to put this right under Lincoln...

Is that a tea cup or a coffee mug?
(Note: They call this the "Semiotics Mug". I LOVE IT. May have a crush on whoever named that.) 

This mug is really up for an adventure.

"I'm not a paper cup!"

"Me neither."

"I am! ... Just kidding."
(I have this one! It's my favorite.)

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