Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dolcezza - Dupont Circle

Everything feels good in the District. The weather is finally here and walking through Dupont this morning on my way to Dolcezza I was reminded why I love this city.

People often criticize D.C for lacking character; I couldn't disagree more. We may not all say wicked or y'all, but the folks who choose to come to D.C. and stay fit right in with the small-town vibe and old world charm.

The vibe inside Docezza is perfect and if my style were made into a cafe, this would be it. A backdrop of white-washed brick walls played the perfect foil to a solid dark brown wood table. The window frames turned menu added the perfect pop of color along with the one red-brick wall displaying rotating artwork. It was an aesthetic orgasm.

While ordering my cappuccino I saw something called a gibraltar on the menu. I asked what it was and the lady explained it's a smaller cappuccino that comes in a little glass cup, very similar to a cortado. Standing at the counter I tried to avoid looking at the stack of pastries, but I have never been one to exert much self control when it comes to croissants.

I am mildly obsessed with this photo.
I want to blow it up and hang it in my kitchen.

Turns out ordering that croissant was one of the best decisions I've ever made: perfectly buttery and flakey on the outside and half-baked doughy goodness on the inside. Not to mention, it was humongous. I haven't had a croissant that tasted quite like that since I made a trip to Paris eight years ago. It was so amazing that I found myself forgetting to drink my cappuccino because I was utterly preoccupied peeling apart the layers.

The croissant completed overshadowed the cappuccino. The presentation of the cappuccino was lovely, but the foam was too airy and deflated rather quickly. The cappuccino itself had soft vanilla undertones carried through a full bodied drink with a rather light flavor. I would have preferred something a bit more forceful.

Walking around the shop taking photos I started conversing with one of the men working. I was taking a photo of the espresso machine when he asked if I knew the brand of bean they were using to brew the espresso: Four Barrel.

He explained that it is roasted in San Francisco and mentioned that Dolcezza changes the beans they use in their espresso every month. This is actually wicked cool. As mentioned above, the cappuccino I had was rather light in flavor with sweet, soft undertones; I prefer coffee to have deeper earthy undertones. Since Dolcezza changes their espresso beans every month, I could come in tomorrow and it could have a completely different flavor.

For their coffees, they have different varieties you can choose from, but they always keep the same in stock.

Since Dolcezza is an artisan gelato shop, it would be poor form not to review the gelato too (and because like I said, I have a pretty big sweet tooth).

Last night I went to Dolcezza with a friend for gelato. I had heard they make a gelato flavor from DC Brau's Penn Quarter Porter. Well, Penn Quarter Porter is one of my favorite beers out there, so I had to try it.

I ordered two scoops: the Penn Quarter Porter and Valrhona Chocolate Amargo. I would have gotten a coffee flavored one, but they weren't making any at the time.

Much like Docezza changes its espresso beans month-to-month, they also change the gelato flavors depending on what is in season. Well, beer is always in season in my book, and there is nothing better than a heavy porter in the cold weather - even if it's in gelato form.

It was the perfect combination of flavors. The rich heavy chocolate paired with the icy light porter almost tops the croissant from this morning... almost.


  1. Love that place. mmm... I need to go by more regularly

  2. Dolcezza pulls the best espresso shots in DC. They do change their coffee provider from time to time. Four Barrel is the latest.

    Are you going to review Blind Dog Cafe too, dear Samantha?

    1. I'll have to try the espresso! And I've already been to Blind Dog, check it out:

  3. Beautiful post.I'm going there tomorrow to take some photos and have a mini review and of course have their espressos and pastries.
    May i ask what kind of camera you use?

    1. Nikon D3100. Make sure to eat an extra pastry for me!!


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