Coffee Grounds

A latte my time is spent in cafes; they just seem to perk me up. All of my favorite things nestled into one little bustling shop filled with the unrestrained aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. Often times, peculiar nick-nacs have been collected over the years and cover every square inch of the walls, ranging from tic-tac-toe games on the back of paper napkins to detailed plans of elaborate schemes to take over the world. Planning to take over the world - to some degree - is a very common occurrence in a coffee shop. Just a few months ago I sat in the very cafe where Lenin sat with Kamenev and Trotsky discussing tactics for what would later become the Bolshevik Revolution.

The coffee shop itself is a social setting that continues to evolve. Each cafe draws in a different crowd of people, but is it the coffee shop that draws them in, or is it the coffee?

As an avid coffee-goer and lover off all things espresso, I would argue that it's a bit of both. Whatever it is that draws us into coffee shops, and whatever it is that keeps us there for hours discussing politics, prose, and paintings, I hope it never changes.

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Let's Grab Coffee?

I live in the political capitol of the world: WASHINGTON, DC. With all the nooks and crannies in this seemingly small town, I still haven't yet uncovered all of the District's brews or discovered all of the Capital's caffeinated cafes. Which is why your suggestions are a must! Some of my favorite coffee shops and blog posts have come from the suggestions of friends, colleagues, and coffee obsessed nutcases just sharing a little wisdom.

Please email any suggestions, comments, critiques, input, coffee facts, and jokes to:

Have a place outside of Washington, DC? Throw it at me anyways! I love to travel and never know where next I'll be sitting at a sidewalk cafe.

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