Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coffee Ice Cubes

I love living in a city. Especially in this city because there is never a dull moment. Whether it be seeing snipers on the roof of my apartment when the president is in the area (picture below) or going out to try a new coffee shop; my life never seems to play host to a dull moment.
Though I am a city girl at heart, I grew up with small town roots and I love to go back to them. There is a coffee shop in my hometown in Massachusetts when every time I go, I know I will see my two favorite history teachers from high school engaged in a deep conversation about either a great new book, a wonderful work of art, sharing a funny joke, or talking about life's intricacies. I don't get back home as often as I used to, but when I do I make sure to stop by, grab my favorite snicker doodle iced coffee, and sit down with them to catch up a bit.

Coffee shops are universal meeting places, both in small town Massachusetts and downtown D.C. Maybe next time I am back home I will write a nostalgic post and tell you all about Coffee Sensations in my hometown and the places I began to love coffee in the first place.

I began thinking about these places when I saw this photo this morning on Pinterest  (follow me and spread the word!):
Iced coffee cubes.

Back home in the summer my mom would always go on a long bike ride in the morning and I would go for a run. Then we would meet up and go to one of our favorite coffee shops in a nearby town that sold iced coffee with iced coffee cubes! I have yet to find another coffee shop that does this! It's a brilliant idea, because it keeps your drink ice cold while not watering it down. And best of all, it is simple to do at home! Just buy an ice cube tray, brew a pot, and wait for the cubes to freeze!

Maybe this summer I will open up a coffee shop in D.C. that does this. Or if anybody knows of one, email me!:! Also email me any places you think I should try, comments you may have, and of course praise is always welcome.

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