Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So by now you have all probably heard about this new social media site Pinterest. It is basically an online bulletin board for you to post pictures that link to your favorite websites, stores, or blogs (pin mine!). It is super easy to use.  All you do is follow the instructions to put the "Pin It" button on your bookmarks bar and whenevber you are searching a site and find a picture or article you enjoy, you click the "Pin It" button, choose the photo you want pinned, and it goes out for all to see. For those of you have heard of Food Gawker or Craft Gawker, Pinterest it is very similar to those sites but has caught on much more quickly because it allows more user interaction. My guess is department stores are thrilled with this new social media site because it allows users to scroll through hundreds of photos, click on products they like, and then takes them right to the site. Let me warn you though, it is rather addicting. You will find yourself spending hours scrolling through looking at pretty pictures and drooling over savory sweets you wish you could take right out of the computer screen.

Take a look and see what I mean.

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