Friday, August 5, 2011

The Esthetics of Coffee and Cookies

When I first started this blog back in May, I warned all my loyal readers that it might not last. I have attempted blogs in the past, and they all seem to go ka-plunk after a couple of posts. This particular blog fell flat so fast because it is based on my love for coffee and coffee is an expensive commodity, which I learned quickly once I graduated college and got my first big girl job. Although my daily coffee intake has decreased in the past few months, I still love to indulge in the rich cup of jo when I'm looking, smelling, feeling like a billion bucks.

Today was one of those days.

Walking past the national archives on my way to work this morning I decided yes, I will have an iced coffee. Iced coffee is the typical summer pick-me-up-on-my-way-to-work drink for most go-getters; it does the job and cools you down. But often times iced coffee is just so mundane. So, today, I decided to spike it with some whiskey.

...Just kidding.

But I did decided to class it up a bit. I poured in some soy milk, which I have never tried before, and added just a dash or two of cinnamon on top and WOWIE! It was very tasty. What the soy milk does is give it a little sweeter taste without having to add sugar. And the dash of cinnamon amplifies the flavor. Now, don't go overboard. Soy milk isn't like cream. If you are used to using cream in your iced coffee, your coffee will be a much lighter color than it is with soy milk. When adding soy milk, it should be noticeably lighter, but definitely not that rich camel you're used to. Try it out and let me know what ya think!

In other news, what goes better with coffee than homemade baked goods. And this is the part of the blog where I mention a little change. Let's not forget, I am new to this blogging businesses and in order to keep myself writing I'm going to open this up to be more of a lifestyle blog instead of solely coffee based (please voice your objections with my secretary).

Begin deceleration: Esthetics. The one word in the English language that I praise above all others. A combination of art, living, love, finite measurements, allusion, Walter Mitty, rage, ease, and the fresh autumn wind. A more concrete definition, the branch of philosophy concerned with the study of such concepts as beauty, taste, etc or the study of rules and the principles of art. No matter where I go, or what I do, the esthetic value brought by an object, person, place, or idea, I believe, is the opium of life.

Which is why, I want to turn this more into a lifestyle blog. Again, this is all one great experiment and I am not sure what it will turn into, but you can expect something fantastical for sure. If my reader prefer I stick to straight coffee and wits, then by-golly let me know and that's what you'll get. But coffee breeds cookies, and cookies need arranging, and arranging needs an adorable little desert platter:

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