Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baked & Wired

For this post I would like to share with you what I think is the most OVER RATED coffee shop in the District:

Don't let this adorable little coffee shop situated on Thomas Jefferson Street in the heart of Georgetown fool you. Yes, the name is rather clever and the ambiance is pleasing, but as far as the actually coffee is concerned... let's just say I would rather go to McCafe.

I have been here a handful of times. I really want to like it, but I just don't. Besides the coffee tasting like acid rain water caught in a gutter that hasn't been cleaned in a decade, the people this place attracts are judgmental and stuck-up.

From staff to the usuals, everyone inside this seemingly charming bake shop will stare you down the instant you walk in the door. Perfect example: when you walk through the deceivingly cute pink doors you will find that you can walk straight to a counter topped with lots of baked goods sitting on pretty cake trays with a cash register at the end, or you can turn left into a dark unmarked room. All first-timers will make the mistake of going to the counter and cash register and then when they get there the employees will roll their eyes and make them feel foolish because they should have known better than to go to the cash register without having ordered your coffee first.

When you finally get your acid water flavored coffee and pay you can decide to sit down on some of the eclectic chairs and couches. There are not many, and it is almost impossible to find one that isn't taken, (never mind two if you come with a friend,) but if you are unlucky enough to take a seat you will find every prissy hipster in there staring you down.

Disclaimer: I like hipsters! Just not the mean, fake, I'm too good for you to even be alive ones that come to Baked & Wired.

Now, this shop does have one saving grace - it's baked goods.

Named the best by many District residences, I will attest that Baked & Wired cupcakes are beautifuly prepared and displayed and worth indulging into.

I wouldn't call it my favorite cupcake, but many will. The cake is dense and delicious and the size of the cupcake is substantial, making for a hardy cupcake to unwrap and enjoy. The frosting is a bit too sugary and is pretty typical, but not bad, and when placed in front of me I am delighted to eat it all up. I haven't tried any of the other baked goods, and I doubt I will because I can't stand the place, but who knows. Because whenever I'm in Georgetown, those adorable pink doors always seem to lure me in. (I'll just hold off on the coffee next time.)

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