Friday, May 27, 2011

Calling All Office Interns!

So, your office has a coffee machine but you continuously find yourself running out the door to the Starbucks down the block because, let's face it, instant coffee is pretty crappy. Well, today, after 6 months of working in this office, I finally found a way to make the office coffee tolerable. Below are six simple steps to making an iced cafe mocha latte in the workplace, saving you lots of dolla, dolla bills (cha-ching!)

How to Make a Cafe Mocha Latte in the Office:
Step 1
Place prepackaged coffee packet in the machine. Make sure to use the strongest, darkest coffee your company provides.

Step 2
Choose the "espresso shot" setting on the machine and press start.

Step 3
Once the machine is done brewing your espresso, choose the hot chocolate packet provided. Place the packet in the machine and again choose the "espresso shot" setting and hit start. This setting might be under coffees - don't let that fool you. Even if your machine has a "hot chocolate" setting, use the "espresso" setting instead. Trust me; I'm a professional. Let the machine pour the hot chocolate espresso in the same mug you also brewed the espresso coffee shot in. Once done, add in one creamer. You know, the gross kind that doesn't need to be refrigerated? Yeah, that.

Step 4
This is the toughest step. Step away from the chocolatey concoction you have just created and let it cool. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get tricked by the mocha aroma filling the room. Use all the self-control you can muster.

Step 4.5
Time to be real. I have no self control and couldn't hold back because it smelled so good. So since I didn't carry out step four, we will call this step 4.5. Once (semi... slightly... barely...) cooled, fill a separate glass or plastic coffee cup to the top with ice. Let the ice sit higher than the edge of the rim.

Step 5
Pour the mocha cafe concoction over the ice. Liquid will still be hot (because you will be like me and not have the patience to wait for your caffeinated creation). Place lid on top and shake. Add ice as needed.

Step 6
Walk around the office while sipping on your iced mocha latte and brag to all your coworkers about how you didn't have to spend one dime on your afternoon chocolatey treat.

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