Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sip of Seattle - Metro Center

There is a D.C. coffee sensation I guarantee each of you have passed at some point but have never gone in. It’s a tiny joint in Metro Center called Sip of Seattle. 

Located across from Macy’s at 1120 G St, NW, at first glance you would guess this small café sold three-day-old burnt and bitter coffee. I have lived in Metro Center for over a year now, and I hadn’t gone in until today.

The inside is clean and fresh, decorated in a slightly gaudy manor - but tactfully so. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of seating for the small café; there are bar stools and narrow counters along each wall with a station for milk, cream, and sugar in the center.

The locals who go here daily love it not only for its coffee, but for the friendly small-town feeling the owners create. The gentleman and his wife (and son possibly?) who run the shop are friendly as-can-be and even know your order if you visit frequently. The welcoming Colombian family from Miami, always ready to serve coffee withe a smile to regulars and passerbys alike.

When you walk in, the man will say “hello lady!” For women, this is his signature hello. Since it was my first time, I let a few regulars cut in front of me as I decided what I wanted to drink. For less than $5 I got a cappuccino and a chocolate almond scone. 

I settled on a cappuccino because I feel it’s the easiest way to judge a coffee shop. The meek facade of the shop definitely does not do the coffee justice. It is rich, slightly sweet, and perfectly brewed.

The foam, however, was a different story. The foam was not up-to-par with my standards. It was much too airy and had no taste to it at all. Next time, I’ll stick to a latte. (Cappuccino - foam = latte) coffee math.

UPDATE: I was recently told that the foam is typical of Latin American coffee shops, so while it isn't as creamy or frothy as I would like, it is authentic in that it matches the family's heritage and traditions.

If you decide to stop in for a plain drip coffee, there is a different blend of beans brewed each day. So if you don’t love it one day, stop in the next and give it another chance. You can also purchase fresh coffee beans from the store.

Next time you’re in Metro Center needing some caffeine, scratch Starbucks and try something new! You’ll be glad you did.

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