Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Coupe - Columbia Heights

I have been reluctant to try The Coupe because I have heard through the grape vine that it is a little pretentious and "tries too hard" to be a cool, hip coffee shop. Well, Saturday night I was walking by in desperate need of a chocolate chip cookie, so I decided to give it a try.

I only had my iPhone with me, so sorry for the poor picture quality!

On first impression, I was surprised at how spacious the place was! Coffee shops are usually small and quaint, but The Coupe still managed to be charming despite its size. There were plenty of comfy chairs to sit on and nooks to curl up in to enjoy coffee and a good book and great company.

I chose a small marble table with a big turquoise velvet chair. I sat down and felt so tiny in the queen-sized seat. It was as if I just fell into the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. I loved it.

Soon, the waiter came over. He was delightful. Full of smiles, laughs, and an overall good vibe.

In places like The Coupe, Tryst (which is part of the same group that owns The Coupe) and Pound where the cafes serve food as well as simple coffee, sometimes servers can be rude and upset when you just order a cappuccino. Not this guy. He was great. So friendly and helpful. Aside from the amazing folks at M.E. Swings, this is the friendliest cafe I've been to in DC.

I ordered a cappuccino and of course a chocolate chip cookie. The server asked if I wanted white chocolate chips or plain (I got regular) and even asked if I wanted the cookie warmed up! (Yes please!) And ice cream on top! (No thank you.)

The cappuccino was delicious. The flavor was subtle, not stark and powerful, but rather a light espresso, though still full bodied.

The foam (as you all know by now is my favorite part and can easily tell you if your cappuccino was made by a skilled barista) was fluffy and smooth. The texture was spot on, but because the cappuccino had a light espresso flavor instead of being dark and bold the dark part of the foam wasn't as flavorful as I would like on a perfect day. Still very good though.

Now let's move on to the chocolate chip cookie: YUM. It was warm and the perfect amount of gooey in the middle and crispy on the outside. The cookie itself tasted saltier than a normal chocolate chip cookie, but the salt flavor wasn't overpowering at all, it kind of brought out the flavor of the chocolate inside. And The Coupe sure didn't skimp on the chocolate! There were so many chips it was almost as if one giant chocolate chip was placed in the middle. Chocolate and cookie in every bite. It definitely hit the spot!

So while some say The Coupe is trying too hard, I would say if they are, then it's working. I really loved the vibe and the people. The bar at the far side seemed a perfect place to go with friends on a Saturday night for an espresso martini. And it even had a few dart boards! No, it's not Tryst, which people seem to think is more authentic than The Coupe, but whatever. I loved it and will be headed back for sure.

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