Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Small New England Town

I love coming home to Massachusetts for Memorial Day because it gives me a chance to relax and enjoy the small town I grew up in.

While visiting for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is always fun, there is something to be said about just going home, getting a coffee from my old stomping grounds, and sitting on the back porch with the American flag blowing in the breeze. Unfortunately, it has been cold and rainy all week, so I haven't really been able to sit on the back porch and sip wine in the garden. I'm praying tomorrow will be better, because me, my dad, and my brother are planning to head to the Cape house to go fishing on the new boat! While rainy days are not preferable, it's still nice just being home. Me and my mom have been running errands around town, going to wine tastings, and of course, grabbing cups of coffee.

I have a few favorite Massachusetts coffee shops near my house. This particular one I go to more for the donuts than for the coffee (though the coffee is delicious). These donuts are the best in the whole wide world. It's called Donut Express in Medfeild, MA.

When I say this place has the best donuts in the world, I mean it. I crave them all day everyday in DC, and I beg my mom to stock up on them every time I come home. Look at these crullers:

And just in case your mouth isn't watering yet...

My mom has one rule, we only go to Donut Express after noon, because after noon all donuts are half off. Yesterday  there was a slight brake in the rain and I was able to go out for an 8 mile trail run before hopping in the car to drive over to Dount Express with my mum. We ordered a dozen donuts and 2 medium iced coffees for a grand total of $8.09.

See the marble cruller tray? It's empty because we got the last two! They are the best, and always the first to go.

To go with our crullers (is a cruller a Massachusetts thing?? I feel like people look at me funky when I say I want a cruller in DC) mum ordered a hazelnut iced coffee and I got my favorite snickerdoodle. I LOVE snickerdoodle iced coffee, and while the flavor is sold in almost every coffee shop in MA, it's a hard commodity to come by in the District. It has a slightly nutty flavor with a cinnamon overtone. It's delicious.

When you order flavored coffee at Donut Express, it isn't coffee with a slight hint of the flavor you pick, the flavor is strong and unapologetic. Thick and potent, this no frills iced coffee is the perfect match for the world's greatest donut.

Also, flavors are brewed in, not added with syrups.

This little donut shop is in a small strip mall and has a very modest interior; it couldn't be more perfect. The coffee is always spot on and served in a yellow styrofoam cup with a bendy straw. It isn't as classy (by any means) as the big-shot DC cafes like Tryst and Filter, but it is oh so good.

When you sit down to enjoy your coffee and donut at Donut Express, you can usually find one of these "Coffee News" newsletters to read. It is a way for local business to advertise cheaply. The paper is full of funny jokes, quotes, poems, and a brief overview of the week's news. However, this issue might be the last one. There was a column voicing the owner's intent to sell the publication, hopefully he finds a nice, young, coffee drinking entrepreneur to take over!

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