Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pretzels and Coffee

The Pretzel Bakery
340 15th Street SE
Wednesday – Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm and Sunday: 9am -5pm
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Last weekend, I helped my friend plant bushes at her new casa near Lincoln Park. After stopping at Ginkgo Gardens and Frager's, we made our way to The Pretzel Bakery.

In this little hole-in-the-wall, (almost literally, since there is only outdoor seating on a brick patio,) choices are limited, but there is everything you'll need. They serve two types of pretzels, salt and everything, and you can choose between caramel mustard, whole grain mustard, cream cheese, or nutella for an additional buck. Warm out of the oven, I ordered a salt pretzel with caramel mustard, and it was such a delight!

In addition to pretzels, The Pretzel Bakery serves coffee, iced coffee, mochas, and other non-coffee related beverages that I won't even bother naming (see menu above).

The coffee was good: simple, plain, no frills and no complaints iced coffee. It was perfect for a hanging-around-the-neighborhood Saturday. It wasn't over brewed or burnt, and at the same time it wasn't too watery. As far as a typical weekend morning iced coffee goes, it's right on target.

Plus, the iced coffee is served in these ultra-hip chevron plastic cups!

That happen to match the sidewalk...

Coming from a small town in Massachusetts with the best little townie coffee shop, I love finding "weekend spots" to go to in my baseball cap and jean shorts and soak up the day. While I love fancy, frilly, snobby coffee cafes, there is something to be said about bland but good coffee at a small place on a sunny day.

I wish I got some mail like that^^

Next time you're walking around Capitol Hill on your way to plant bushes... or just walking around Capitol Hill... stop in and get yourself an iced coffee and pretzel! I recommend the salt pretzel with the caramel mustard (the mustard is produced in New England... shout out!) -- you'll be licking your fingers until the very last bite.

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