Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Poop Coffee

Chinatown Coffee Company is featured in a new NPR article on coffee beans extracted from animal feces. Yes, my friends, poop. I am sure you have all heard of this by now. The caffeinated delicacy refereed to in the article as "cat poop coffee."

Selling for over $10 a cup, the coffee is expensive not because it is necessarily amazing coffee (I can't attest, I have never tried it) but because it is so difficult to gather. Think about it. You would have to travel into the abyss of the Amazon, find cat poop, dig through it, and pick out the tiny beans.

Is it worth it?

What caught my attention most in the NPR article was that under the photo of the coffee they write, "The baristas at Chinatown Coffee in Washington, D.C., were suspicious of the dark color of the beans, but pleased with the taste."

Pleased with the taste. Simply pleased. Not delighted. Not unlike anything they ever tasted before. Nope, just pleased. And after spending $10 on a cup, I would think even if it is awful anyone would say they like it so they don't feel as if they wasted their money. So it must be pretty bad.

In other news, a few Picassos, Monets, Matisses and Gauguins, were stolen in a well planned heist from a museum in Rottdam, Netherlands last night. The paintings were on loan and likely will never to be seen again. RIP. If things like this intrigue you, definitely check out "The Art of the Heist" by notorious Art thief from Massachusetts Myles Conner. I like to read crook books.

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