Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crumbs Bakeshop

Today is a Crumby day.

Last night I was out late at my favorite bluegrass bar in the area. It was the perfect night but it made waking up this morning the hardest thing in the world. When I finally rolled out of bed, I looked over at my desk and saw heaping piles of reading I had to do for grad classes. Looking at all my books, I knew I would need some coffee to help me along.

I decided to head over to Crumbs Bakeshop. I remembered the awesome summer promotion they had going on: any sized iced coffee for $1. When I got there, I asked if the promo was still running, and the man at the shop (who was helpful as could be) told me nope. Now, $3 isn't that much more than $1, but when you're expecting to pay $1 the two extra bucks is really a low blow.

Luckily, there were free samples of mini cupcakes to help soften my disappointment. I ordered a hazelnut iced coffee and grabbed a mini s'more cupcake and went on my merry way.

From what I have heard through the grapevine, I was expecting Crumbs coffee to be pretty awful. And it very well may have been if I got regular coffee because I could tell that it was a little watered down for my liking, but the hazelnut did a good job of covering that up.

The hazelnut flavor was very good, roasted with the beans and not flavored by a syrup making up for whatever flavor the coffee itself lacked. If the coffee had only cost me a buck, I would say it was a steal, but since I had to pay regular price, I would give it a B/B+. Nothing necessarily wrong with it, just a weak, but tasty hazelnut coffee.

For those of you who like hazelnut flavored coffee, I would definitely suggest getting a glass and cupcake to go along with it.

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