Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home on the Cape

Everyone has their own version of paradise. Mine is sitting on a beach in Cape Cod at 5PM watching the sun go down. I have spent every summer of my life on Cape Cod and for me it is the most wonderful place on earth.

When I'm on the Cape, I go to the beach later in the day because I love to make the most of the morning. While I was down the Cape for the Fourth last week, I got up at 8:00 AM every morning and to run past Nobska Light on my way the cafe I wrote about in my previous post for coffee and the best pastries the Cape has to offer.

On Sunday, I took a day off from running and went to church at a small, open chapel overlooking Falmouth Harbor so you can watch the boats sail by while sitting in the pews. After mass, I went to my favorite Falmouth coffee shop: Coffee Obsession.

There are two Coffee Obsession locations in Falmouth, one in Falmouth Center and one in Woods Hole. I typically only go to the Falmouth Center location because if I am in Woods Hole I always go to Pie in the Sky instead.

Coffee Obsession has utterly amazing iced coffee. On Sunday, I got hazelnut (brewed, of course, not a flavored syrup). Sometimes I wake up extra early down the Cape just go to Coffee Obsession and read the morning's Cape Cod Times or Falmouth Enterprise. Even at six in the morning the cafe is buzzing with fishermen, runners, cyclists, and beach goers.

The coffee served is highly caffeinated and flavorful. As I mentioned, I ordered a hazelnut iced coffee. If you prefer just a hint of flavor, I would order half regular half hazelnut because it is such a strong nutty flavor. Same goes for the caffeine. If you want a buzz to last all day, by all means fill up on regular, if not, go half decaf.

The inside of the shop is cozy and quaint but often busy and packed with people. If you're lucky enough to find a seat, you're likely to be at a table alongside a fisherman reading the paper, a businessman catching up on some of his work while on vacation, or a child out to breakfast with her grandparents. If you can't find a seat inside, there is a small patio in the back with tables and chairs, and there are also plenty of benches around the corner.

If you're in town this summer, stop in and grab a cup of joe to stay or go. It is the best in Falmouth and a little caffeine is a staple on the Cape so that the 5AM fisherman are still awake for the 5PM sunsets.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Isn't coffee the best? Yes, yes it is.


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