Sunday, January 29, 2012

Caribou Coffee: Logan Circle (+other locations)

A walk, a talk, and a cup of coffee. Caribou Coffee to be exact. Today I went for a walk with great company from Columbia Heights down to Chinatown. We stopped in at the Caribou Coffee on P and 14th and it was packed! With no place to sit, we ordered our drinks and continued on our way. Now, at four o’clock in the afternoon on a beautiful January day with a pleasant chill in the air, hot chocolate sounded like the perfect way to warm some frosty hands.

Excited for a chocolaty treat, I was unprepared when asked the following questions when ordering a simple mocha: 
  1. Milk preference?
  2. Whipped cream?
  3. Type of chocolate?
The first two in the series are pretty standard at a coffee shop, but never before have I been given the choice between milk, white, and dark chocolate. Yes, other coffee shops serve white chocolate mochas, but I have never been asked to choose between milk and dark chocolate. It was the coolest thing ever! I’m a dark chocolate lover through and through, so ordered a dark chocolate for myself and a milk chocolate mocha for him.

I have not be particularly inclined to try caribou coffee, for some reason I have always been reluctant to try it out – no particular reason really, just didn’t seem like my kind of place. I haven't been giving the shop enough credit. The vibe and atmosphere inside reminded me of a ski lodge up in New Hampshire. Rustic and warm and the perfect setting for a hot chocolate. However, like I said, there were no open tables to sit at so we kept walking.

My drink was great. No complaints whatsoever. The dark chocolate was noticeable, but less distinquished than the milk. Having now tried Caribou Coffee’s dark chocolate mocha I am sure that most mochas are of the same kind, because when I tried the milk chocolate it tasted different than any I had had before!

CALLING ALL MILK CHOCOLATE LOVERS: This drink is for you! It was actually unbelievable. I didn’t expect to taste much of a difference between the two, but the distinction was unequivocal.

Caribou Coffee's rustic charm, characteristic mochas, and jovial particularities (below) will certainly keep the shop on my radar in the future.

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