Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pound: Capitol Hill

Fall is approaching and quickly leaving Summer behind! And there is no better season for walking along the brick-stone streets of Capitol Hill admiring all the beautifully ornate row houses with a warm cup of coffee in hand. This weekend I decided to do just that.

I spent my Sunday morning walking around Eastern Market marveling at the art and craftsmanship all around. As most of you know by now, Eastern Market has become a Sunday gathering spot where artists, collectors, and farmers from around the city come together to sell their gadgets. After spending the morning looking at the assemblage of unique pieces, I was hardly about to make my way to the Starbucks across the street, I needed something more home grown than that.

So me and this guy I know - who I have just happened to have been dating for the last two and a half years - walked down Barracks Row and back towards the Capitol Building until we found a coffee shop that caught our eyes, (well, my eye, he is just a good sport about it,) and what we came across was "Pound The Hill" coffee, or just,
Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone with me so the pictures are going to be comme si comme sa.
This place definitely fit into the appeal of Capitol Hill. It's a little bit of everything and goes overboard with nothing. The atmosphere was a little fierce and a bit old world charm. It had a slightly artsy, retro vibe, but also a quite, academic ambiance.
There are a fair amount of tables too sit at, but not enough for the amount of traffic coming through the door. The entire shop is full of students and self claimed academics studying and reading making turnover for steats limited. But if you wait something will turn up and it makes the experience. 

Onto the coffee. I ordered a cappuccino. And after my last post about cappuccino foam all I have to do is show you a picture to tell you what I thought of it:
Brown foam! Froth soaked in espresso, no taste better! What makes a cappuccino for me is the foam, and I love it when it's soaked in espresso.

The consistency of the foam and the cappuccino were top grade and the flavor was not bad, but slightly off. As I took my first sip I tasted something a little burnt, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It wasn't overly burnt and it almost added a slightly smoked flavor to the coffee. Because it was such a subtle burnt, my taste buds adjusted pretty quickly and I soon found that this cappuccino was less strong in espresso flavor than most I have had, again, not necessarily a bad thing. It was very good (no M.E. Swing, but not bad) and I would go back again if I were in the area. If you ever want to read a book or do some computer work out of the house (or out of the House, ba-dum-bump-pshh!) this is a very good place to go. I loved the cup the served the drink in. It was a typical, large American style cappuccino cup (it's large size could explain why it didn't taste as strong as other cappuccinos) and it was fun to sit there holding it in my hands. Perfect when you need to step inside and warm up from the Autumn (only 3 more days!) breeze.

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